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Pass/No Pass

Option for Pass/No Pass (P/NP) Grades for Spring 2019-2020

  • Faculty will assign a letter grade earned by the student at the end of the spring term.
  • The student can submit a request form for P/NP grades May 6-May 18. This allows the student one full week after the final grades deadline to notify the Registrar’s Office if they want to select one or more courses in which to receive a grade of P/NP.
  • Grade of P can be used for courses that have a passing grade, which will not adversely affect the GPA or add any quality points.
  • For additional questions, please contact the Registrar’s office at

A. Choosing the Pass/No Pass grade option:

  1. Applies to full term and subterm 2 courses enrolled for Spring 2019-2020 semester only.
  2. Request forms to select the P/NP option will be available for students beginning May 6. The Registrar’s Office will accept the request forms through May 18, 2020, at 5:00 pm . All request forms must be in the Registrar’s office by that date.
  3. If a grade of I (Incomplete) is assigned for a course, the P/NP option cannot be selected after May 18, 2020. If the Incomplete letter grade is not satisfactory, the course can be retaken at a later time.
  4. Grades of P or NP will be considered a true final grade and cannot be changed to a letter grade at a later date.
  5. Exceptions: (The department of your major may have grade exceptions not listed here.)
  • Pre-Nursing majors should not select a grade of P for prerequisite courses required for admission to the School of Nursing. A grade of NP can be selected for courses with failing grades. If in doubt, check with advisor or Registrar’s office.
  • Students using VA education benefits should not select the NP grade for courses that are not passed. For questions, contact Krystal Altigieri, VA Certifying Official,
  • Any grade of W, WP, WF, cannot be turned into a P/NP grade.
  • Scholarships: Students with external scholarships may need to contact the agency/organization awarding the scholarship to be sure P/NP grade option is acceptable. Students with a McMurry scholarship will not be affected by the P/NP option.

B. Grade of P (Pass):

  1. Will not affect a GPA.
  2. Will not add quality points.
  3. Will replace the grade in a previous course.
  4. Will add credit hours as long as it is not a repeat of a course that was previously passed.
  5. Will meet a requirement in a general education, major, minor, or free electives if the letter grade is passing (grades of D- or higher). (See exception in A.5 above.)
  6. Official transcript will reflect a grade of P.

C. Grade of NP (No Pass):

  1. Will not affect a GPA.
  2. Can be selected for courses in which the letter grade is failing (grade of F).
  3. Will not add credit hours or quality points.
  4. Will not count as a repeat of a previous course.
  5. Will not meet any degree requirement.
  6. Official transcript will reflect a grade of NP.