Campus Motor Vehicle Regulations

Vehicle Registration Permits:

1. ALL student, faculty or staff members of McMurry University who operate or park a motor vehicle on campus must obtain a vehicle registration permit at registration or from the Student Affairs office in the south wing of President Hall, Monday thru Friday, 9 a.m.-12 p.m.. and 1:30-3:30 p.m..

2. A vehicle is properly registered if the appropriate parking permit is placed in the lower left corner (driver's side, bottom corner) of the windshield.

3. Anyone who is going to temporarily operate a vehicle on campus must obtain a temporary permit from the Student Affairs office in the the south wing of President Hall. The permits are good for two (2) weeks.

 4. No fee will be charged for University parking permits.


General student parking is available (except for limited spaces marked Faculty, Staff, Reserved, or Visitor) north of Radford and in the large lot west of the Campus Center. Student parking is NOT allowed in the north and east of Maedgen, south of Old Main and south of the Science Building between the hours of 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.., Monday-Friday. Other student parking is available in the paved lot by Aldersgate United Methodist Church, the gravel lot south of Hunt Street, and the paved lot north of the Security Office. There are handicapped parking spaces near the front of each lot. Only vehicles with handicapped stickers my use these slots. No parking is allowed in red zones or on the grass. VEHICLES ILLEGALLY PARKED MAY BE TOWED AT THE OWNER'S EXPENSE.

The University charges the McMurry University Security with the responsibility of creating a safe environment by enforcing the University Parking and Traffic Regulations. This enforcement includes the issuance of warning tickets and violation citations. Fines will be paid to the University's Business Office during normal business hours. When fines are not paid or when there is a clear display of   continuous and deliberate disregard for these regulations, specific steps will be taken to ensure compliance of the regulations. Unpaid parking violations will be charged to student accounts.

A. If a vehicle is found to have been cited THREE times within the semester for any type of parking violations, regardless if the citations are paid or unpaid, the following will take place at the third violation:

1. A citation will be issued.
2. An IMMOBILIZATION WARNING NOTICE STICKER will be attached to the driver's side window.

B. If the vehicle is found to have been cited FOUR times within a semester for any type of parking violation regardless if the citations are paid or unpaid, the following will take place at the fourth violations:

1. The vehicle will be IMMOBILIZED by using a piece of equipment called "THE BOOT".  "THE BOOT" is an IMMOBILIZATION DEVICE that is attached to one of the wheels on the vehicle making it immobilized.  Once "THE BOOT" is attached to the vehicle the University Security Department will remove it after a BOOT REMOVAL FEE of $50.00 is paid along with ALL outstanding parking and traffic fines to the business office.

2. After "THE BOOT" has been placed on the vehicle, an attempt to notify the owner/operator will be made by the University Security Department. "THE BOOT" will stay on the vehicle for up to THREE; DAYS.  If the owner/operator does not make the necessary arrangements to pay the BOOT REMOVAL FEE and all the outstanding parking and traffic fines within the three days, the immobile vehicle will be towed at the owner's expense.

C. After a vehicle has been immobilized a second time within a semester, the operator of the vehicle will be provided a written notice stating that he or she is prohibited from operating any vehicle on (legally or illegally), a citation violation can be issued and immobilization and/or towing can occur at the operator's expense.

D. A vehicle that creates a safety problem/hazard or may endanger the safety of the University    community or that is parked illegally in a fire lane, handicapped space or obstructing traffic on a campus roadway is subject to a citation violation, "THE BOOT", and/or towing without notice.

E. Appeals - Student appeals can be made by petitioning the Student Supreme Court within five(5) class days following the date of the citation.

F. Appeals - Faculty and Staff appeals should be directed to Lecia Hughes, Maedgen 221.