Featured Programs- Each semester the wellness committee will look for ways to engage the campus in a fun activity that encourages participation across campus through a wellness campaign program. There are many different ways to earn points to earn incentives but the program is designed so that all can participate. Goal is to develop healthy behaviors that can be maintained over time!
Want to go on an exciting all-American tour to help feel your best? Then today’s the day to plan your trip. In Well Traveled, you’ll record physical activity, plus sleep and no late-night snacking, earning points and pins as you build well-being habits that last long after your coast-to-coast journey is over. Once you sign up, why not grab 3-4 pals and create a team? This friendly competition is a great way to stay motivated and focused. Don’t just talk about getting healthier — do it.

This is a eight week program starting March 2, 2020 and ends April 26, 2020 ..


Register for Keep America Active today at:   mcmurry.welltraveledtoday.com.


If you have any questions about this activity please feel free to talk to one of the members of the University Wellness Committee---they have been working hard since the spring to help with our wellness initiative:

Lecia Hughes     Matt Tate  Carl Scott
Barbara Havard  Pam Verhulst-Gray Cammie Petree
Lisa Williams   Dr. Janet McMurray Liz Mayes
Tina Schueller  Charity McCright  Seth Godding
Dr. Gae Lynn McInroe  Dr. Allen Withers     Dr. Valerie Miller, PHSSN
Jeanie Bone     James Greer  Dr. Kim Cooper, PHSSN
Dr. Larry Sharp  Ronda Hoelscher Summer Powers, Cindy
Rexi Parcells    Dr. Cynthia Rutledge Collier, & Amanda-Rae Garcia